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The Maltese Bookworm is a book review page, where I will give some descriptions of the books I have read and finally I will rate these books so that I will hopefully help my fellow readers on what the books they want to read.

about me

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I am Jessica, I am 22 years old and I am from Malta, a small island beneath Italy, which is how the name of the blog ‘The Maltese Bookworm’ came about.

When I was a kid, reading books was a form of punishment. However, when I was about 12, I came across the Twilight Saga, purchased the books and I immediately fell in love with these books. After Twilight came the Fallen series, then The Vampire Diaries series, and after 10 years I own about 110 paperbacks and about 50 e-books.

Every free minute I have I use it to read books. Now, I finished University and since I have some free time I want to start reviewing books because I have always wanted to read and write, but first I want to start reviewing books before writing one of my own.



Since I am new in reviewing books, I will try to post a review once a week. I hope you will enjoy my reviews and if any of you readers have a question you can send me an email found in the Contacts Section.


You can read my Reviews here and my Personal Writings here. 

Enjoy reading,
TMB xo